Design Exercises for Inspired Designers

Creative exercises will help stimulate and open your mind so that you can access your creative prowess when you need it most. Many of these exercises can be performed on your own, but step outside the box and invite your co-workers or fellow creatives to join in on the fun. Better yet, kick off your next team brainstorm with a creative exercise to get the blood flowing. Check out HOW’s 30 Days to Creative Bliss challenge or take Jim Krause’s online course, D30: Exercises for Designers, to sharpen your creativity through a series of projects and exercises.

Creativity Exercises for Designers: D30 by Jim Krause

Building Client Relationships, graphic design

Do Clients Want Design Work Soft, Gooey, Fast?

If your clients don't understand the value of good design, and would rather pine for something soft, gooey and fast, you owe it to yourself (and the potential client) to help change their perspective and value of design. Follow these three approaches.


The Dark Side of Creativity

In this evil manifesto of sorts, the killers of creativity are outlined. Don't fret though: We've also divulged exercises to resuscitate creativity if you've fallen victim to the "normalcy."