Design Exercises for Inspired Designers

Creative exercises will help stimulate and open your mind so that you can access your creative prowess when you need it most. Many of these exercises can be performed on your own, but step outside the box and invite your co-workers or fellow creatives to join in on the fun. Better yet, kick off your next team brainstorm with a creative exercise to get the blood flowing. Check out HOW’s 30 Days to Creative Bliss challenge or take Jim Krause’s online course, D30: Exercises for Designers, to sharpen your creativity through a series of projects and exercises.

Creativity Exercises for Designers: D30 by Jim Krause


In-house Intersections

Meet Isaac. He works in our IT department and although his responsibilities have nothing to do with motion graphics and video he has a passion for both and just received his master’s degree from NYU. How do I know this? Well the coffee station is a breeding ground for all sorts of stuff and...


Do Something Else!

In early 2005 I was stuck. In a creative rut. The ideas weren’t coming as fast. Sometimes they weren’t coming at all. Basically, my Mojo wasn’t working. So, I went on an audition...

breaking-bad-300x187 copy_featured

Breaking Bad (Habits)

“Paradoxically, it is true that your brain will develop habit patterns and decide what’s good and bad in the art that you’re making. And as your brain is making those decisions you will not find the letter “o” in the alphabet; you may end up sticking around “b” and never get past it because...

sukis featured

Be Brave: A Quest for Creative Inspiration

Jennifer Sukis lays siege to the continental United States in her quest to understand creative inspiration. Her weapons of choice are a pen and an open mind. Protecting the battlements are creative superpowers who have boldly changed their life using creativity alone.


Testing the Limits of Creativity

Define Creativity. It's not easy. It's a lot like defining art or design. There is no perfect definition, but you know it when you see it. Creative teams often use brainstorming sessions to fuel the creative process.