9 Inspiring Examples of Creative Logo Design & Branding

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Before beginning a project, logo designers must consider their objective from a multifaceted perspective. Indeed, a creative logo design takes more than aesthetic appeal.

A logo design isn’t for you—and it isn’t for your client either. It’s ultimately for the client’s target audience. So while your logo design should be an attractive mark, it should also attract the attention of the audience and function well in the overall identity design and any branding campaigns. It needs to be simple and recognizable enough that it becomes synonymous with the brand it represents and resilient enough to withstand the test of time.

Need some inspiration? These particularly inspiring logo and identity designs have an attractive, functional appeal that can stand the test of time.

Horus Logo

by Martina Cavalieri – Brand Designer, Horus Technology

“Horus is a wearable device developed to assist blind and visually impaired people every day. The Horus name refers to the hawk-eyed representation of the Egyptian god, and this is the reason why we decided to give this name to our project. Hence, its logo is the silhouette of a hawk.”




RU TV Rebranding

by The Bakery Design Studio (Moscow)

RUTV is the only remaining music channel in Russia at the moment… The main consideration was that after all the years the old logo was quite familiar to the public, so we had to keep the new one as close to original as possible and find a supporting feature to add value to the new identity. The Wave — a made up hybrid of a soundwave and a colorwave — became the solution. Created to represent the mix between music and video as the basic content of the channel, The Wave is able to affect and transform everything it touches much like any artistic output has an effect on us. It’s a dynamic identity as the intensity and colour of the wave depend on the music played and there are infinite numbers of the waves generated. We also proposed a special app that automates the creation of waves and distortions to be used in print. Even employees can generate an image to their liking and use on personal stationary.

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The Great Southern Denim Co. Branding

by Ye Olde Studio


Flow Branding Campaign

by Studio Hands

House music needs to have Flow. Flow is a musical initiative of DJ Franky Rizardo that started in 2013 as a weekly radio show on SLAM!FM. The initiative has now evolved into a musical movement, with a number of stage hostings on prestigious festivals both in The Netherlands as well as abroad, like Dance Valley, Free Your Mind, Summer Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and so on. Flow will now also evolve into both a record label and merchandise brand. 

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Print Britannia Logo & Branding

by Milena Wlodarczyk, senior designer at morphsites

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Branding, UX and UI for the Stroll App

by Yomagick

Stroll is a unique social network delivering you the best experience of a leisure walk. Share, explore & discover your favourite strolls.




Miss Moonshine’s Logo Design & Branding

by Faber & Lo

The client for this project came to us with a dream; to bring the slow cooking style and flavour of the southern American grill masters to the shores of New Zealand. They also had a name for their venture — Miss Moonshine’s.

The project began with the logo design, for which we researched the history of moonshine and the bootlegger prohibition-era beginning in the late 1800s. It was during this period of American history that Victorian, decorative display typefaces were popular in print – thus the decorative logo concept was developed and contemporised through clean vector design and application. The limited access to colour printing technology and ink during the moonshine era informed Miss Moonshine’s monochromatic colour scheme. Read more.

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Smile Bar Dentistry — Logo, Identity & Web Design

by Saxon Campbell


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Butcher’s Plate Hand-Drawn Logo Design

by Martin Schmetzer





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