Creative Bliss Day 6: Creative Stuff Free Download

Creative Stuff - An Activity Book for Visual Thinkers

Designer’s get stuck. It happens. Writer’s block, design block … it’s the same deal. Luckily, there’s a little book called Creative Stuff out there to help get the creative juices flowing again. Creative Stuff is an activity workbook for visual thinkers, designed to help you think in new ways and push you to try creative projects you may have never otherwise done. The book’s intro states it best: “This book has stuff in it. Fun stuff. Stupid stuff. Stuff to waste your time. Stuff to blow your mind. Stuff to make you smarter. Stuff to inspire. Stuff.”

The workbook is authored by design veterans Dave Gouveia and Chris Elkerton who know from experience how vital it is to exercise your creative thought when you’re at a loss for inspiration… or even every day. Your brain is like a muscle, work it out! 

So get ready to get inspired

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Inside you’ll find a list of materials and instructions on how to create your own silkscreen print! You can find more awesome exercises like this in Creative Stuff