Greco Design’s Workspace: A Modern Marvel

When Brazilian firm Greco Design moved to a new office to accommodate a growing staff, the team looked no further than the structure itself for inspiration. The home that houses the firm was built in the middle of the last century, and the team was committed to maintaining the era’s aesthetic throughout the space.


Photography by Jomar Bragança

“We wanted to recover the building’s identity,” explains Gustavo Greco, the firm’s founder and creative director. This resulted in six months of renovation to reclaim the abode’s roots, as they painstakingly sourced materials and furnishings true to the time period, including an authentic Eames bench.

Many of the pieces came by patiently trolling large antique fairs and sifting through all sorts of wares. “You have to believe that what you see there will become an invaluable antique once it’s been restored,” Greco says.

The restoration went beyond vintage tables and chairs, though. Greco wanted to make the house feel like a home. “We spend most of the day at the office,” he says. “That is why we needed a place in which we all just felt good being there.”

So besides an open workspace and creativity lounge for the designers, the office also includes a communal patio with an artificial lawn and lush orchid garden for lounging after work or during breaks. There’s a kitchen where they cook lunch, and even a shower.

“It doesn’t just look like a house,” Greco says. For the team who works there, it is actually a home.

March 2012 issue of HOW magazineEditor’s Note: The above article originally appeared in the March 2012 issue of HOW magazine

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