Ologie’s Third Space: The Ultimate Creativity Boost

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Hiding in a repurposed car showroom on East Main Street in Columbus, OH, under the keen eye of founder Beverly Ryan is design firm Ologie. Composed of 90 “researchers, strategists, designers, storytellers and creative problem solvers,” Ologie has been creating brand experiences since 1987. The firm, which has created identities for a number of well-known schools and universities, recently decided it was time for a creativity boost. The results? Two beautifully designed spaces where staff members can brainstorm, work quietly and even relax with their favorite four-legged friend.

After deciding it was time to revamp their creative space, Ologie paired up with The Swanky Abode to come up with what they lovingly call The Third Space (the official name being The North Loft). “It isn’t your desk. It isn’t a conference room. It is meant to be a space to work quietly and have the tranquility and personal space required to really think deeply,” says Beverly Ryan. All white walls, plenty of natural light and a muted color palette fit right in with the firm’s mid-century modern style. The Third Space is a quiet get away from the usual cork-covered walls of the firm that are designed to inspire “the power of displayed thinking.” To make the space even more of a comfort zone, one may sometimes find the Dogs of Ologie roaming around.

Ologie-creativity-boost-4Photo by: Erika Lhotsky
Ologie-creativity-boost-5ologie-creativity-boost      Ologie-creativity-boost


Ologie-creativity-boost Photos by: Addison Jones Photography

After giving The Swanky Abode almost 100% creative freedom and loving what they came up with, Ologie allowed the interior design consultation group to be the masterminds behind their newest creative space, The Lab. Opposite The Third Space, The Lab is “meant for total collaboration.” A wide-open room with no literal offices and no significant storage, The Lab is a reflection of Ologie’s growth as a company. “We are paying attention to how we have evolved in our own working styles. We don’t need as much room for storage and stuff—most everything is stored electronically. And a quick across-the-room conversation eliminates an entire meeting.”

Ologie-creativity-boost Ologie-creativity-boost Ologie-creativity-boostOlogie-creativity-boostOlogie-creativity-boostPhotos by: Addison Jones Photography

Special thanks to designer The Swanky Abode and photographers Erika Lhotsky and Addison Jones for the beautiful images shared in this article!]

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