Three Degrees of Inspiration

Editor’s Note: This is the latest edition of Emily Potts’ series, Three Degrees of Inspiration. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the previous part in the series, featuring Edel Rodriguez, Javier Jaén & Pablo Delcan.

Pablo Delcan is inspired by …

Santiago Carrasquilla

I have never talked about design and process with anyone as much as I did with Santiago Carrasquilla. We were roommates in college. We took almost all the same classes and collaborated on many projects together during our time there. He inspired me and influenced my work then, and continues to do so now. When I think of Santiago’s work I see it as being driven by experimentation: It’s abstract, playful, strange, artful and always beautiful. Most importantly, it looks like he is having fun.

I especially like watching this recent stop-motion music video he did using different colored Play-Doh and how it responds to the music.

Also, this very unconventional packaging or sculptural project he developed while he was working at Sagmesiter & Walsh. It is one that I would love to have!

[Related: Santiago Carasquilla was named one of PRINT’s New Visual Artists in 2016. Explore more of his work.]

Santiago Carrasquilla is inspired by …

Wade Jeffree

I met Wade Jeffree while working at Sagmeister & Walsh, and we immediately became great friends. Wade is an amazing designer with impeccable taste. His understanding of design history is incredible, and he also is an avid fine art seeker. I watched Wade put together very complex projects at S&W with an impressive level of focus and efficiency. Most importantly, Wade is a very kind and generous person.

His project A Common Equation, that he did with photographer Scottie Cameron is great. The concept and the images.

Of course the Complements Project is another one of my favorites by Wade. A series of close to 50 portraits that him and his partner, Leta Sobierajski, began soon after they started dating. The project not only looks beautiful, but it also just seems so nice to work on something like that with your loved one. They are both very talented and committed to the craft and the process of making things.

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Wade Jeffree is inspired by …

Sons & Co

This is a studio in Christchurch, New Zealand, creating websites for people around the world, yet they don’t have a website. I think this says a lot about them.

Why they inspire me:

  • They are kind
  • They are humble
  • They are honest
  • They are hilarious and witty
  • They have incredibly nuanced, simple and thoughtfully beautiful work
  • No bravado, they let the work speak for itself

I am currently working with them on a project and can confirm all the above to be accurate. No other studio makes me say “Fuck, I wish I did that,” more.

This website is so simple and so smart. Yes, I wish I did it. Nuanced transitions, amazing typography, and a site that feels like an amazing poster, let alone a beautiful highly functional website.

The use of a rollover on this site is next level, you land on the site and as you move across the page you see the beautiful skyline turn from dusk to dawn. The photography of the farmland and the surrounding areas feel natural and facilitates telling a story about the vineyard that feels genuine. Even learning about pruning has been made interesting! Once again simplicity is key in making the content breathe so the story can be told.

Seeing “do one thing well” on the without compromise page tells me a lot about the vineyard, but I think it also encapsulates the Sons & Co ethos.

A++ on everything!

Here’s a talk they gave at last year at The Design Conference (recommended).

The type transitions on this site are fucking amazing!

Tune in next time to see who inspires Sons & Co.