7 Poster Designs That Raise Awareness

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When we think poster design, we normally think about awesome movie posters or posters of our favorite musical artist. But when you stop and look around, you’ll notice that posters are more than advertising for entertainment purposes. The poster designs below, for example, were created to promote education and outreach. With this in mind, we found some great educational poster designs that utilize powerful visuals to relay important messages.

Posters for Good: 7 Eye-Opening Posters for Education & Outreach

Bon Appetit

by Scott Laserow Posters

This striking design was a winner in the 2014 HOW Poster Design Awards.

“Designer Scott Laserow has managed to create a grotesque beauty with this interpretation of an ocean fish that has transfrmed into a combination of plastic bags, six-pack rings and other plastic debris. There’s a sick and poisoned beauty at play here — this pitiful creature swimming in a deep black void, a powerful statement to the folly of our man-made polluted oceans. This poster is breathtakingly on the mark with its single line of type at the bottm — a warning that our carelessness and disregard for garbage is ruining our planet.” — John C. Foster, judge of the 2014 HOW Poster Design Awards.



by Gracy Leal McGuigan

“Three and a half weeks is all it took for my mom to end up in a liver transplant unit in the result of taking an herbal supplement, which deemed safe and effective. My mom, was simply looking for a natural solution to help her prevent aging related issues. She is not alone, millions of people look for alternative ways of improving their health issues or simply just want to be healthier. Due to lack of food education, people rely on herbal supplements that could cause more harm than good. Educating people of the natural healing capabilities of the fruits and vegetables that we should be eating could be beneficial on so many levels.” – Gracy Leal McGuigan

graceyleal1 graceyleanl3 graceyneal2


Global Warming Typography Poster

by Adam Jones, as a student at Algonquin College
Instructor Andrea Emery

Adam Jones’ poster design was selected as one of the winning designs in the 2009 HOW Poster Design Awards.



Planets of the Solar System

by Riccardo Vicentelli

“I’ve always been fascinated by the universe, after the recent discovery of salt water on Mars, I deepened my knowledge of the planets of the Solar System and I created these posters to show the different compositions and different characteristics of them.” — Riccardo Vicentelli


Our School Climate Posters

by Southern Poverty Law Center

The skillful design in educating staff about English language learners was featured in Print’s Regional Design Awards.


“What Will You Do?” A Sexual Harassment Campaign

by Ahmad Nady

Cairo subway comics ask: “What would you do if you witness harassment?”



The comic shows male passengers in a microbus reacting to the young woman. “This woman can be an influential person in your life,” the comic reads. “Sexual harassment doesn’t harm her alone, it harms us all.”

Endangered Poster Series

by Sean Duggan

This series of cool poster designs is another PRINT Regional Design Award winner.


black rhino



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