Printers and Green Design: Shrink Your Design’s Carbon Footprint

Editor’s Note: Are you looking to shrink you carbon footprint? In the field of graphic design, with all of the printing processes, papers and inks to consider, it’s important to think about your environmental impact. Choosing a green printer and green design suppliers can play a key role in sustainable design business practices. This excerpt from The Green Design and Print Production Handbook by Adrian Bullock and Meredith Walsh gives you some pointers for finding the right printer for your project. 

Looking to shrink your carbon footprint? What makes a supplier, and a printer in particular, green?

A printer is green because they understand and are able to manage their impact on the environment through an accredited environmental management system (EMS). They are also green because their claims about their products and their environmental performance meet an accredited standard.

The first thing you have to do is establish for yourself the extent to which they do this, and how successfully and effectively they do this when measured against their environmental performance indicators. This means asking the supplier to provide you with information about their environmental credentials, their environmental policies, and their environmental performance.

The second thing to do is audit these against the green printer checklist shown below. The more ticks a supplier earns the greener they are.

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 9.02.31 AM

w7954Learn more about environmentally conscious design practices in The Green Design and Print Production Handbook by Adrian Bullock and Meredith Walsh, available now from HOW Books.

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