Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome back to Design Finds, our collection of creative news and interesting things from the past week. This week we’re exploring delightful new treats and side projects from designers, dazzling client gifts, an exhibit encouraging the design of more playful cities and a new tutorial from Adobe Creative Cloud. 

5 Creative Highlights from the Week: Designer Side Projects, Die-Cut Sticker Tutorial + More

1. Designing Playful Cities

A new exhibit just opened at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). “Designing Playful Cities” takes visitors through interactive installations that present a strong case for designing for play in urban environments. According to the press release, it will also encourage visitors of all ages to engage in play in their day-to-day activities and inspire designers and developers to create playful spaces in our cities. Learn more:

“Delirious Frites” | photo credit: Robin Dupuis

“Urban Conga, The Hangout” | photo credit Micheal Flanagan


We’re delighted by these new treats from PLAYin CHOC, an organic children’s chocolate company founded by former graphic, film and theater designer Maya Simler, who previously worked in a London-based creative agency and taught graphic design at the American University of London.

To find out more about these organic chocolates paired with toys designed to surprise, inspire and delight, check out


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3. Thoughts on Position

Interesting new side project from Brazilian-born, NYC-based designer and street photographer Nei Valente. “Thoughts on Position,” according to Valente, is the first in a series titled “Thoughts on,” and the objective is to contribute to design discussions using simple design experiments.

This initial exercise explores the relationship between the placement of an element and its meaning, and questions whether the same element can communicate different messages when placed in different positions. Valente notes that the questions in the survey he created as part of this exercise can help us think more deliberately about the role that position plays in conveying meaning in work.

thoughts on position side project thoughts on position side project

4. Dazzling Client Gifts by Robot Food

Okay, yes, the holidays are over, but we’re still admiring these dazzling client gifts by Robot Food. Read more about the project here, and check out what Robot Food is all about at their website,

client gifts by robot food

client gifts by robot food

Already planning your 2018 client gifts? (We know some of you are.) Check out the links below for more inspiration, and consider entering your best work in HOW’s Promotion & Marketing Design Awards by March 12!

5. How to Make a Die-Cut Sticker with Adobe Illustrator

A new, quick (one-minute) video from Adobe Creative Cloud for those of you interested creating custom-shaped stickers to showcase your artwork.

Remember to check in next week to see what else we’ve found!

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