Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights of the Week


The HOW team is excited to launch Design Finds, a weekly roundup of five interesting things we saw from the creative community over the course of the week. This might include tutorials, interesting videos, new typefaces, websites, projects, designery products and more. This week, we saw an impossibly cool tech products, news about the release of a universal typeface from Google and Monotype, a neat website that blends typography and National Parks, and more. Check it out:

Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights of the Week

1. A Floating Cloud Speaker

This insanely cool bluetooth speaker looks like a cotton cloud—and it floats while it plays your music. Mind. Blown. Read more about it over at

2. Movie Geometry – Shaping the Way You Think

From “video essayist” Jack Nugent comes this fascinating video that showcases the use of geometric shapes in film storytelling. Check out more of his videos on his YouTube channel.

3. Noto

Google and Monotype partnered together to create Noto, a typeface five years in the making, which can be used across 100 writing systems and contains 800 languages. Read more about it at

4. Type Hike blends two of my personal favorite things: typography and national parks! From the website: “Type Hike is a collaborative design project including 60 designers and typographers, each of whom will create a unique design for a park they love in celebration of the National Parks Service centennial this August. The project is organized by David Rygiol and James Louis Walker.”


image by Missy Reinikainen

5. Facebook Workplace

More functional than fun, per se, Workplace is a new ad-free communication tool for businesses and organizations that allows for more flexibility when setting up Facebook accounts for these orgs. Read more about it here.

Check in next week to see what else we’ve found!