Design Finds: Creative Highlights from the Week

Welcome to Design Finds, HOW’s weekly roundup of interesting design and creativity-related news of note and general interest. This week’s selection is practically science fiction! Check out amazing optical illusions, interesting news about artificial intelligence and some neat new tech.

Design Finds: 5 Creative Highlights from the Week

1. Real or Fake?

Howard Lee creates incredible photorealistic drawings—and then makes fun Instagram videos and stop-motion animations using them. Check out the whole account here. It’s well worth it! (And see more stop-motion design projects here.)

2. SciFi Power House Galaxy Magazine Available for Free Online

The Verge reports that the classic magazine Galaxy is now available ar Even if you’re not a scifi fan, it’s well worth a look for the great layout and impeccable illustrations. Check out the collection here.

3. The Power of Creating Synthetic Video

Speaking of what’s real and what’s not, this video shows a way in which old footage can be used to make it look like public figures are saying things they never did. Is this the future of fake news? Learn how to watch out for it at FastCo.

4. Double Meanings

Fair warning to anyone who checks this out: It’s not a happy project. But these fluorescent light and mirror scupltures featured in Columbian artist Camilo Matiz’s ‘Here Not There’ hold hidden truths about ourselves. See more of them at Design Taxi.


5. Measure Your Room with Augmented Reality

In happier news about futuristic tech, check out this amazing approach to room measurement using Apple’s ARKit by Smart Picture 3D. Check out more augmented reality awesomeness at