Invest in Yourself

Luke Mysse
At Kaseya Connect, the third and final point that I made about culture was investing in your people. A service company is a human-centric business. As a company owner or leader, you should invest in the people that work for you. Your job as a leader is to serve your staff, not the other way around. If you invest in your people and inspire them to be better, it will boost your company culture and in turn build a better company brand.

With a culture of one, it’s a little different because you are on your own. But I would argue that “your people” in this case is simply yourself. If you want to build a better brand for your freelance self, you need to make an investment.

1. Invest time in growth
I’m always shocked when I ask a business person what books they’ve read recently and they reply, “Oh, I don’t read.” To be successful, I believe you need to be a life learner. You need to invest in personal growth. It’s how I keep my edge. Carve out an hour each morning to read, attend conferences, listen to podcasts. Whatever your method, invest in your own personal growth. It will add immense value to your brand and network.

2. Invest in health
This point is very personal for me because I spent many years sacrificing my health for other things. I’ve lost over 120 lbs. in the last 4 years, but I still feel like I’m fighting to get back what I’ve lost. I’m fighting to regain my health. Being on the other side now, I can tell you that sacrificing your health is simply not worth it. Your culture of one is very much tied to your health. Your health is very much a part of your brand. This is not only a personal issue, but a very important business issue as well. It’s hard to build a great culture and a profitable company if you’re sick. Invest in your health; you simply can’t afford not to.

3. Give of yourself
This might sound like a contradiction, but if you want to invest in yourself, give of yourself to others. People don’t realize the benefits of giving. One of the best ways to escape a bad attitude is to forget about your worries and give something to someone else. When I’m feeling down and overwhelmed, giving is the first thing I do. I give my time somewhere, give an encouraging word or help someone with a problem. Get past your own needs and give of yourself. You will benefit in amazing ways. Read Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders. It’s a great book about giving.

Invest in yourself and you will reap the benefits of a better brand. People that are rested and inspired and give back to others are contagious to be around, and that is good business.

How do you invest in yourself?

2 thoughts on “Invest in Yourself

  1. Lindsey

    I completely agree with investing in your health. I feel that when I take time to eat right and exercise regularly, I not only receive physical benefits but mentally too. I feel more postitive and productive. In a business where I am always talking with people and having short deadlines this mental awareness is invaluable.

  2. Luke Mysse

    Lindsey – I think we buy into the lie that more hours equals more work getting done, not true. More hours means quicker burn out, we really need BETTER hours at work.

    I know for a fact that if I take off mid-afternoon and ride my bike for 2 hours I will gain back more hours in effectiveness. It takes some planning and discipline to pull this off but I just know how critical it is to my process.

    I’m coming out of a season of really poor health choices. I gave everything I had to this business and clients and as a result I topped out at 340lbs. I was a big boy. Thankfully about 4 years ago I made the choice to fix this issue and have since lost over 100lbs. No client ever asked me to give away my health but I did it because I thought that’s what it takes to succeed. I still feel like I have a long ways to go but I’ve certainly made better choices over the past 4 years.

    The best part. Business is better, my work is better, everything is better. So much of what I do now is business/brand strategy work, I need that down time on my bike so my head can figure things out. I’ve been known to tell clients that they just need to trust me in the first couple months, they need to be patient and let me ride my bike a lot….out of that time comes BETTER hours.