Bryn’s first week as a freelancer

Last Monday, May 2, Bryn Mooth embarked on a journey as a freelance writer (, after a 20-year career in publishing (as the editor of HOW Magazine).

One week later, I interviewed her to see what the first week was like.

She shares insights on:

  • What’s been most energizing and gratifying during this transition
  • Getting her head into self-employed mode
  • When she realized she wanted to leave her job
  • How she prepared for self-employment
  • What it feels like to be “ready” to make the leap
  • Building a viable business that creates income to exceed that of a full-timer
  • How she knew food was a good market to focus on
  • How to balance her own marketing with paid work
  • Using the cushion of her network during the transition
  • …and much more.

Listen to the interview here

Any advice for Bryn?

Come talk to her about how it’s going. She’ll be at the Creative Freelancer Conference, June 23-24 in Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Bryn’s first week as a freelancer

  1. Carole Winters

    Congratulations, Bryn!

    What are you (and other freelancers) doing for health insurance? This has been my biggest obstacle to going totally freelance.

  2. Jennifer Yamnitz

    Wow! I recently launched into freelancing myself. How inspiring to see that one of the professionals I look up to is traveling that same path. I’ve been to several HOW Conferences and have always been impressed by Bryn and the other designers, speakers, and HOW staff members who pull together that amazing week every year. Congratulations Bryn!

  3. Dominique Lawrence

    Congrats Bryn! I live in Jo’burg, South Africa and I also ventured off into the freelance world on 2 May after 9 years in a financial services company… but I’m a graphic designer. Scary stuff! But going well!

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