20 Design Treats: Candy Packaging Too Good to Open

Admit it. As a young lad or lass, you pretended you enjoyed candy for the center of the Tootsie Pop, the smooth peanut butter of the Reese’s and the crunch of the nuts in your Snickers bar. But HOW knows your deep, dark secret.

It was never about the candy.

It was all about that packaging.

And it’s still all about the packaging. That’s why today’s treat for you is a roundup of candy packaging designs.

No Tricks, All Treats: 20 Yummy Candy Packaging Designs

1. Karamelleriet

Design firm Bessermachen notes that this packaging is inspired by the contrasting curves that are visible during the process of caramel-making as well as the simple and elegant expression of the finished candy.

2. Amado

Anagrama says that their visual solution for “Amado” by Hyatt, a Mexican artisan bakery and candy boutique, takes the fine art of traditional artisan bakery to a new and contrasting level of modernism that guarantees the brand will stand out.

3. Bardot

ice cream packaging design

Okay, so this isn’t technically candy, but it’s a treat, no? While at Landor, designer Tosh Hall worked on this packaging for an ice-cream brand from Mexico City. Bardot was “based on a clever idea and simple mark that started as a quick sketch and ended with a solution that was both bold and crafted, yet flexible enough to create an interesting system,” Hall says.

Read more about Hall over at PRINT.

4. Awake Chocolate

candy design packaging for Awake Chocolate

Designer firm Tether decided that the branding and packaging for Awake chocolate needed to be approachable and gender neutral.


Awake Chocolate: A Logo Design Case Study

5. Hopeatoffee

candy design packaging candy design packaging

Bond‘s packaging for the iconic Finnish liquorice Hopeatoffee increased the product’s sales significantly—without media advertising.

6. The Grown Up Chocolate Company

Toast‘s design for the Grown Up Chocolate Company centers on the main idea of the product—”a delectable, hand-made chocolate experience that you haven’t felt since you were a child.”

(By the way, if you’re curious about the history of chocolate, we recommend reading this.)

7. Sweeteeth

Fuzzco‘s label designs for Sweeteeth, a boutique hand-crafted chocolate company, were inspired by animal illustrations from children’s books.

8. Koala-la (Student Project)

candy packaging design

Design student Claudia Jauwena redesigned packaging for Koala-la, a cotton candy in Indonesia, for a school project.

9. Zubi Candy Rocks

candy design packaging

Sam Baliga designed this packaging for Zubi Candy Rocks with fantasy-inspired landscapes and fruits that take an isometric form. “The aim was to play with the idea of fantasy while maintaining a solid visual language,” Baliga says on his website.

10. Theo Chocolate

candy packaging desgin

An oldie-but-goodie goodie (har har). We love this chocolate packaging from Seattle-based Kittenchops. (Read more about the designer.)

11. Zang

candy packaging design

Simon Frouws’ packaging design for the newly launched ZANG Caffeinated Dark Chocolate.

12. Leleka Chocolate


This packaging design by Aleksey Kaplaukh‘s is for Leleka Chocolate, a fictional chocolate brand in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

13. Lugard

candy packaging design

Ken Lo of Blow created this gorgeous packaging design for Lugard, a sugar-free ginger candy company.

14. Bon Bon’s Candy House



Longitude Design‘s identity and packaging design for Bon Bon’s features a set of hand-drawn patterns. On their website, the creatives write that “the goal was to be fun, colorful and cheerful.”

15. Smartcandy

candy packaging design

Design Alex Smith helped to innovate in the snacking space while working at Snap Infusion. “Smart was intended to give adolescents to teens a healthier option to regular candy,” he writes. “The pieces themselves were yogurt coated fruit centers made with all natural ingredients.”

16. Lolli and Pops


Gorgeous candy packaging from Valerie Durak for Lolli and Pops, where they create thoughtfully curated gifts, beautifully boxed by hand.

17. Sweet Botanicals (Student Project)


Anna Ahnborg‘s packaging for Sweet Botanicals as a student project issue by Louise Fili at SVA. “My aim was to create a packaging that would have an elegant, exclusive yet playful expression,” Ahnborg writes.


18. Squish Candies


photos by Riccardo Cellere

candy packaging design

Emma Deangelis’ colorful, fun in-house design work at Squish Candies.

19. Sugarlove

candy packaging design

Alaa Amra‘s Sugarlove packaging focuses on the beauty of the product itself, “infusing individuality and personality into each piece of candy,” according to Amra. “The minimalist approach that focuses on the character behind the candy creates a relatable and fun user experience.”

20. milkdot. (Student Project)


We love this easy-on-the-eyes packaging design from student Daniel Farò for “milk drops” made out of milkpowder and honey.


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