CFC 2012: Confidence and Client Communication

The 5th Annual Creative Freelancer Conference, June 21-22 in Boston is rapidly approaching and the early bird deadline extended to April 30!

For today’s podcast interview with a speaker, we have consultant, Marcia Hoeck, giving us a preview of her session, Skillful Communication with Clients.

Q: Do you think communication problems stem from a lack of confidence?

Marcia: Confidence isn’t something that comes naturally to creative people. We have great confidence in our work, and we know the value of our work, and we have great confidence in our ability to do the work, but we often can’t show that confidence when communicating our role in the process. We don’t come off as confident in selling situations, or when defending our pricing.

That often comes off as to prospective clients as a lack of competence. They think we can’t do the work because we can’t defend it, because we can’t talk about ourselves…

To hear more about how to convey more confidence, listen to our 11-minute interview here.

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And listen to the rest of the podcast interview series with our speakers, including Dyana Valentine, Mark O’Brien of, Shane Pearlman and Ed Gandia of International Freelancers Academy, Cameron Foote of Creative Business, Alan Murabayashi, and Sarah Durham.

One thought on “CFC 2012: Confidence and Client Communication

  1. Alisa Bonsignore

    I’ll share my weird confidence booster: I often work at home in jeans, a tee and bare feet. But without fail, every time I get on the phone with a client, I always wear shoes. No, they can’t see me, but I feel more put together and I swear it comes through in the conversation or negotiation.