CFC 2013 Recaps: Client Relations & Pricing

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Loretta Robinson, of Loretta May Design and, wrote 2 awesome recaps of CFC 2013 on her blog. Here are excerpts and links to read the rest. Thanks Loretta! Can’t wait to see you next year in Boston!

Day One:

Loretta collage CFC 2013 AlisaLoretta features, among other things, Alisa’s session on Client Relations:

“Saving your Sanity Through Better Client Relations” by Alisa Bonsignore really spoke to me. Having had some major trial and error learning experiences, I was interested to hear how I could improve my tactics on handling clients who request more than agreed upon. Everything Alisa was saying, I was silently screaming “YES!” to in my head. She was both funny, and frank, and very relatable. Every one of her “mistakes” that she made, I’ve made also. Her message was clear: Having a healthy work/life balance means trusting your gut and saying no when needed. Make sure you have a rock solid contract, get an attorney to write a master service agreement, and have an “out clause” that protects you when your client is becoming obnoxious.

Read the rest of Day 1 here:

Day 2

Loretta highlights, among other things, Jessica Hische‘s session on The Dark Art of Pricing

Jessica suggested we broach our price like so:

“Based on a few similar jobs I worked on, this was what I was thinking on the fee. Let me know what you think…”

This is a great way to talk to your clients because it tells them that Loretta collage CFC 2013 Jessicayou’ve done this before, and it gives them a chance to feel like they have a little leeway. She suggested that if the client’s project is super cool but the budget is no where close to your price, you can offer a one time discount on the estimate, showing the actual value of your services as well as what they are getting it for. It makes them feel like they are special, builds repoire, and they know that it is a one time price so if they wanted to work with you again, they would have to pay the full price of your services. GENIUS I say.

Read the rest of Day 2 here:

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