CFC: Commiserate, celebrate, collaborate

This year — 2012 — marks the 5th anniversary of HOW’s Creative Freelancer Conference (June 21-22 in Boston) and I’ve attended every one since HOW launched the event with co-founder Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor and Peleg Top in 2008.

This year … this year will be different for me. In addition to helping Ilise with some small hosting duties, I’ll be a full-on, official, taking-notes-and-paying-attention attendee. That’s because this week marks my first anniversary as a creative freelancer myself.

Having spent virtually all my publishing career with HOW, and having learned so much from HOW’s efforts to help creatives run successful practices, I figured I had this freelancing thing figured out. I was wrong. I have a lot—a LOT— to learn.

Mostly, though, I’m looking forward to collaborating, celebrating (and, yes, commiserating) with my fellow creative solopreneurs. This can be lonely work, y’all, and sometimes just a little camaraderie helps.

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And you can still get $50 off when you use the promo code “CMM12” to register for CFC here.