Cooking up Creativity

Excerpt from article
Alisa Barry: Like any creative act, it matters not if we’re initially good at cooking. It’s really about enjoying the process and experimenting. People might feel awkward at first, but they usually find their own rhythm. Cooking is just another way to appreciate the creative process—it’s an opportunity to hone a craft and to exercise creativity. After all, experimentation in one arena can inspire a new experimentation in other creative endeavors.

Are you in a creative rut when it comes to injecting fresh brainstorming tactics or collaborative exercises among your team? Nothing says fresh like taking your team out of the office and into the kitchen. Use food to inspire your team’s creativity.

1. Create a menu and divide courses among team members. Everybody shops for their specific food items, then gathers at someone’s home to prepare and enjoy the meal.

2. Hold a scavenger hunt for food items.
Assign colors, shapes, textures (three orange fruits/vegetables, two square foods, three porous foods, etc.). When the bounty is in, have team use the items to create an     arrangement to photograph and then prepare a meal.

3. Give back as a group. Have the team cook a meal for a person with special needs or a needy family—or volunteer together at a local food bank.

Sam Harrison is a speaker, workshop leader and the author of three creativity-related books, including “IdeaSelling: Successfully pitch your creative ideas to bosses, clients and other decision makers.”




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