Design Links: Carla Tedeschi, Dennis Schmickle, Palefroi & Kate Bingaman-Burt


Editor’s Note: This is part 22 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the twenty first part in the series, featuring Bobby Evans, Jason Munn, and Dirk Fowler.

Dirk Fowler is inspired by …

Carla Tedeschi

Carla inspires me to be a better designer. While my work is big, bold, and immediate, Carla’s is sensitive, subtle, and makes you want to spend time with it. Her attention to small typographic detail and communication is amazing. I admire her also for her dedication to socially conscious graphic design. As an educator at Texas Tech University, she has tirelessly exposed students to the idea that what they create truly matters and that they have the ability and obligation to make a positive impact on the world. She has taught and made a lasting impression on some of the brightest young stars in design today.


Carla has produced many museum and gallery catalogs over the past few years. I always love how clean, simple, and organized her design is. She has a unique ability to showcase the artists’ work in an honest and beautiful way, while still expressing her own aesthetic in the design and layout.


I think many times, and especially in publications, designers can get carried away with trying to make a design “theirs” and lose sight of the content and the message. Carla ALWAYS has the client in mind and designs with the utmost economy. Her page layouts are always spot on and make me wish I was a more patient designer.

Carla Tedeschi is inspired by …

Dennis Schmickle

His hand-printed patterns play with your mind — it’s the unexpected that makes his work so intriguing. It’s smart, it’s engaging, it’s an experience — everything design should be.



Dennis’ hand-printed silkscreened patterned wallpaper is mesmerizing. His wallpaper designs play with the idea of the unexpected. His patterns trick the viewer — flowers are really jigsaw blades; geometric forms become spiders; abstract patterns on bed sheets are actually bedbugs and teeth. I love the process of discovery and the way his work plays with the viewer on an emotional level.


A bus becomes a moving piece of art inviting motorists and pedestrians to engage in the process of discovery.

Dennis Schmickle is inspired by …


Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff of Palefroi inspire me because their aesthetic is so progressive and brave. I really admire the freedom and experimentation in their work. I came to know Palefroi through the typographically insane concert posters and books. Most graphic design is a mixture of commerce and art, and I love seeing artist/designers like Palefroi closer to the artistic end of the spectrum.

Flatstock poster

Flatstock is a poster exhibition presented by the American Poster Institute with artists from Europe and the US. This poster is weird and expressive in all my favorite ways.

Palefroi book

This is a spread from their book Orde Schepper + 7″ EP by Bert Scholten. I love their use of color and texture, and how they allow screen printing to dictate not only the process, but the overall aesthetics of the piece.

Dennis is also inspired by …

Kate Bingaman-Burt

I’ve known Kate since undergraduate school, and it’s been amazing to watch her work evolve over the years. Her illustrations, zines, and patters are fun and exciting and energetic, just like Kate. She is not only a favorite artist, but she is an inspiring educator, as well. She teaches at Portland State University where she is constantly busy organizing, presenting, or giving workshops. Go Kate!

Kate houseplants

These are portraits of houseplants. I love it. It’s a little bit absurd, and 100 percent fun.

Kate installation

This is Kate installing one of her gallery exhibitions. I have always admired her ability to transform a space in a substantial way. She is also able to connect with her audiences in ways that no one else can. I did a show with Kate at West Texas A&M (thanks to our mutual professor Marcus Melton), and I was amazed at how she was able to communicate ideas of art and design and consumption to the students.

To see who inspires Palefroi, tune in next time!