Designer Wish List

HOW asked designers—both the naughty and the nice—what’s at the top of their designer wish lists this holiday season.

Their answers may make you think twice about your own list. They picked out some of the coolest gifts out there for their home, office and for when they’re on the go.



I’m hoping Santa will bring me the following loot:

Recycled Dasani Clutch Bag

2009 FSC Recycled Wood Calendar

Alessi Cocktail Set

Get Hip Get Green Water Bottle
Click Here to See

Kathryn Downing, Red 5 Interactive, Inc.


Gama-Go Hot Hits Trivet


Prints from Tiny Showcase

Left to Right: “Oh, Foshay!”Aesthetic Apparatus, “Redhook” by Leah Giberson, and “The Cannibal in His Chamber” by Marci Washington.

Custom Muppet
It’s up to you, what your muppet will look like!

Chinese Tiger Hat
Something for the mini-designer.

This Mod Umbrella

Vintage Botanica Dinnerware

Mark Hamilton, associate director of marketing & creative services
The College of Saint Rose


My wife just doesn’t quite get it. What do you give a designer geek?

Veer’s Kern Jacket

Jeff Fisher, LogoMotives


All I want for Christmas is a signed silkscreen print of the Tuscan Landscapes by Milton Glaser.

I suspect I’ll need to buy if for myself—or settle for one of his poster prints.

Tuscan Landscape, Volpaia, by Milton Glaser, shown above.

Rachel M Cotton-Smith, Cotton Studios


Rachel Writes:

Dear Santa: I have been such a good girl this year! Starting my own art and design business has been difficult, but I have been persistent and determined, so I know you won’t mind if I am a little extra needy this year?

I want, need, HAVE TO HAVE a Wacom Tablet! If you can’t bring it, you should let me know ahead of time, so I can … bake you extra cookies, yeah, that’s it!

I would also insist that my stocking be filled with new Pantone books, new paint brushes, and some Copic Sketch markers, oh, and certificates good for extra hours within the day.  If you’re feeling extra generous, I could use a really great surround sound system in my studio/office and new furniture to organize and streamline supplies and workflow.

And surely you can spare just a few elves to organize the office for me—you know how bad I am at that kind of thing. Oh, and how selfish of me!!  I forgot to ask for a new cover for the dog’s love sac in the studio—Cooper would be so happy to have his bed match the new furniture.

“I’ll be eagerly awaiting your arrival, Santa!

Angie Yoo, multimedia designer

Media Template: The Designer Gift
A one year hosting gift card from a superb web hosting company.


CODA: One Window Web Development,
A great mac application for front-end (back-end as well) web designer/developers. 

Starbucks Gold

The Starbucks card for people who really love Starbucks

Jodi L. Lopez,


As a designer, I find myself using more and more of my own photographs for my work. I definitely need upgraded camera equipment, including flash and studio lighting.

I would also love a treadmill, so I can workout and design at the same time, never having to leave my studio! (I feel like I never leave anyway.)

Happy Holidays!