Do You Have A #FreelanceResolution?

Our friends over at the Freelancers Union have a Twitter initiative to ring in the new year.

They want to know what you resolve to do more of in 2013.

  • Are you going to finally learn how to do coding?
  • Are you going to finish (or revamp) your web site?
  • Are you going to raise your rates or find better clients with budgets?

Whatever you resolve, tweet it out so others can be inspired and hold you accountable.

Send a 100-character sentence (along with your Twitter handle) and the hashtag: #FreelanceResolution

Here are a couple of mine:

“I will be getting up earlier.” — @MMToolbox #FreelanceResolution

“I will be doing more matchmaking amongst my network.” @MMToolbox #FreelanceResolution

Do a search on Twitter with the hashtag (#FreelanceResolution) to see what others have already tweeted. Then join the fun with your own tweeted resolution!