Exercise your creativity in 2012

The “Caffeine for the Creative Mind” LinkedIn Group — based on the well-known book, Caffeine for the Creative Mind by Stefan Mumaw and Wendy Lee Oldfield — is up to Exercise #8 since they got started in October.

So if you want to exercise your creativity (this week or next year or both), join them here for the latest exercise:

Creative Mind Group Exercise #8 – page 77

This week’s exercise is on page 77: “Sharpie; Shirt Pocket; Laundry Bill”

If the old saying is true, “every picture tells a story,” then three pictures should tell the story even better. Your task [this week] is to tell a story in three photographs.

Grab a digital camera. The idea is to take three consecutive pictures that tell a story. The pattern is “object,” “action” and “effect.” For instance, if your first photo was your empty chair at work, and your second photo was your boss in your office looking at his watch, the third photograph might be your personal items boxed up on your desk. Create [a] photo-story using this method. Just make sure your on time when you start!

When you’re done, post about it on the group site.