Expensive hobby or viable business?

On LinkedIn last week, Tim Read, illustrator (and veteran of all 3 CFCs so far), posted this:

“Although I can’t make it this year (we have a baby due around that time) I can attest to the value of CFC. The information I received from the first three conferences has helped take 5 Fingers Creative from an expensive hobby to a viable business.”

Apparently, that last line struck a chord with a lot of freelancers who are on the cusp of a viable business but not quite sure how to get over that cusp.

If that’s you, according to Tim, CFC is one way — not the only way, but certainly one very powerful way. Because what most freelancers don’t have is training in business issues and that is the  focus of this conference.

You will not only learn the financial and marketing strategies you need to grow your business, you will also be more inspired than you can imagine by your peers, who are working at the same issues you are. We aren’t kidding when we say, you are not alone!

Tim went on to write….Tim Read

I can’t say enough about the value of CFC. I have been able to forge some very close friendships from this event not to mention all the networking opportunities. It’s really like summer camp for creatives with all the bugs and mess of s’mores. And it’s in Chicago! Don’t pass this up. If you need more coaxing drop me a line anytime.

So if you’re on the fence, trying to decide (with a tax bill hanging over your head) whether it’s worth the time and money — this is essentially an investment in your business — contact Tim and then take advantage of the early-bird deadline (today, April 1) by registering here.

BTW: Listen to this podcast with Tim on how he uses LinkedIn to find prospects.

One thought on “Expensive hobby or viable business?

  1. Alisa Bonsignore

    “… You will also be more inspired than you can imagine by your peers, who are working at the same issues you are.”

    Inspiration + knowledge = confidence. And don’t we all need more of that?

    I’m coming back for my fourth year because CFC always gives me a solid-but-reassuring kick in the butt to do the stuff that needs to be done for my business. That alone is a powerful resource for me. But let’s not minimize the power of the people.

    I’ve met fantastic people at CFC. Truly wonderful people. I’ve worked with some, and remained close with many. Those ongoing relationships are part of an intangible benefit to my business — and my sanity — that can’t be underestimated.