Creative Revolutionary: Alisa Bonsignore

If you saw the HOW Design Live mailer, you probably read about Alisa Bonsignore, a writer and editor in Northern California who is also a 4-time veteran of the Creative Freelancer Conference. (That means Alisa has been to as many CFCs as me — and she’ll be there this year too!)

We think of Alisa as a “creative renegade” and we’re featuring her story on the conference web site. Here’s an excerpt:

By the end of my first Creative Freelancer Conference, I had gotten the nerve to fire my most difficult client (done by phone from the bridge at the Chicago Hyatt); I had a tagline for my business thanks to Dyana Valentine‘s Pitch Perfect session; I had a list of action items that was as long as my arm; and I had met some spectacular people and cross-pollinated my brain with all kinds of ideas that wouldn’t have come to me while sitting alone in my home office. The “wow” factor was amazing.

Within two months, I had overhauled my website; spoken with an accountant; had an attorney create a master services agreement for me; changed my marketing materials; and raised my rates. And I also, very gradually, practiced saying “no.” I’m still working on that last one.

Need some inspiration to keep yourself dedicated to the creative solopreneur life? Read the rest here — you’ll find tales of lone wolves who found a satisfying balance between creative excellence, positive client relations, and profitable businesses.

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