Why You Should Enter HOW’s International Design Awards

When your in the throes of time-crunch deadlines, client compromises and brainstorming  solutions for your next big creative endeavor, entering a design competition is the last thing anyone has time for. But entering these competitions, like, say, the HOW International Design Awards, is important if you want to build a name for yourself, your team or your firm.

international design competitions

Take Design Army for instance. The creative powerhouse that is Design Army enters tons of competitions each year, and their work is good enough that some of it wins almost every time. And you aren’t likely to hear anyone in the industry say, “Design Army? What’s that?” It’s more than bragging rights and an ego boost, having your winning work showcased in the magazine leads to more opportunities and better projects.

MyBurger logo

Not convinced? The Best of Show winner for the 2013 HOW International Design Awards, entered its work for an entirely different reason. Design Firm FAME wowed the judges with its rebrand and environmental graphics for MyBurger restaurant. Here’s what chief creative officer Bruce Edwards had to say about why he entered this project in the competition:

We like the recognition, but for us, it’s bigger than that. It’s about inspiring others. We’re proud of the work we’re doing, and want to be featured in publications like HOW—the ones that go ‘missing’ around design offices everywhere. It means others see the value in what we do. It’s a compliment.

He also noted some positive results of having snagged the Best of Show honor:

Winning HOW Best of Show was a big deal for us—definitely all-agency-toast-worthy. But it also gave us something fun to share with clients and prospects. Working with an award-winning agency makes them look smart too.

And what client doesn’t want to look like the smartest gal (or guy) in the room? To submit your work for consideration in the International Design Awards—traditionally HOW’s biggest and most impressive competition—simply go to the website and upload your materials by September 16. In the wise words of 2013 RDA judge Frank Baseman, “Remember, it’s like the lottery, ‘ya gotta play to win.’”


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