Integrating Your Values Into Freelancing

CFC 2013 logoWhich comes first: your values or your positioning?

That’s just one of the questions Sarah Durham, Principal and Founder of Big Duck, will be answering at CFC 2013 (June 22-24 in San Francisco) in her session “Integrating Your Values and Your Positioning.”

Sarah did a podcast with me recently for our CFC 2013 Speaker Series about the process she went through to articulate her firm’s positioning: Big Duck works exclusively with non profits to help them communicate more effectively.

One of Big Duck’s values is transparency. As a result, running the business and working with clients transparently has forced her to make decisions she might not otherwise have made as quickly or clearly, which she says has been very powerful.

What kind of business do you want to have? And with whom do you want to work? Sarah believes that everybody does their work in some way that is reflective of their values. For example, you may feel strongly about not working with certain types of businesses. Or you might be okay with any business as long as it resonates on a particular emotional level.

Her decision to work exclusively with non profits was her first step toward articulating her desire to do work that is personally meaningful. The act of trying to articulate these things consciously was transformational for her business. So she will guide the creative pros in attendance in San Francisco on how to do that for themselves.

Sarah suggests starting your own process by reading Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness, about how Zappos uses values to drive their work and corporate culture and the positive effect it’s had on their business. She says it is surprisingly relevant to freelancers and creative professionals.

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