More on Ageism Beyond the Design World

Laurel Black After all the comments my original post (“Too Old to be a Designer?”) here on the Creative Freelancer blog almost a year ago, others in the media are catching up.

In Newsweek, Rebecca Dana writes about the likes of Warren Buffet  and Paul McCartney, who are both refusing to quit working, and cites the same Barclay’s survey about “never-tirees.” (Read that here.)

And this from good old Seth last month: Fifty is the new thirty

Baby boomers continue to redefine our culture, because there’s just so many of us, we’re used to being the center of attention.

Add into that the fact that we’re living much longer and careers are becoming more flexible and it’s pretty clear that in just about every cultural respect, fifty year olds are living, acting and looking more like thirty year olds every day.

This changes more than personal financial planning. It changes the marketing of every service and product aimed at consumers–and yet most traditional advertisers are stuck in the mindset that thirty is the end of your chance to find a new customer or build a new brand.

Well said, Seth – you rock.

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