Need Some Inspiration Right Now?

Damien GoldenHave you ever had a mind freeze?

Not from a super cold sundae, but from an overworked, stressed out day?

You are called upon to come up with something fresh and edgy for each client. Yet when you are faced with multiple projects and deadlines, sometimes the best thing to do is take a break. Watch a movie, take a walk, take some photos, tune in for commercials or anything away from your desk.

Can’t manage to get away from your desk? Here, I’ll help you glean inspiration right now!

I’m from Baltimore so I was obligated to watch the Super Bowl earlier this month, right!? My secret obsession is the commercials though. So, while watching the 2013 Super Bowl ads, I took note of the commercials I liked… and didn’t.

I liked Taco Bell’s “Live Mas” old folks sneaking out of the Glencobrooke retirement home for a night on the town, Budweiser Clydesdale brotherhood spot (you can even suggest names for the baby Clydesdale by tweeting #cyldesdales), and the Bud Light voodoo spots (I swear these had something to do with the stadium power outage in the 3rd quarter!).

I was waiting patiently for someone to do a Psy Gangnam Style parody and wasn’t let down. Wonderful Pistachios Crackin’ pulled it out in all its gay green Gangnam Style glory and I truly enjoyed it.

Made me laugh out loud were Best Buy with Amy Poehler, Oreo (is that the same library from the movie ‘Breakfast Club’?), Big Bang Theory in all their football costumes (and Leonard with his pads on the outside), Toyota RAV 4 with the family granted wishes by Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco, and Doritos “Goat for Sale”.

Then there were the few that reached out and grabbed my heart: Jeep/USO and Oprah sharing the love for our nations heroes “We wait. We hope. We pray. Until your home again.” ~Oprah Winfrey. I grew up watching Oprah Winfrey sharing evening news in Baltimore early on in her career and I’ve been proud to see her grow her own brand and success from afar. Her smooth voice married well with this commercial’s message. And then the Paul Harvey narrated Ram truck ad giving proper appreciation to the backbone of this country– farmers. There is a farmer in all of us, how true.

Then there was the breathe of responsible fresh air with the ads promoting safety within the NFL and to younger fans and players. It’s about time that dark corner of greed was replaced with integrity and honesty. Good stuff!

I think Mercedes-Benz has diluted their brand (with this affordable price tag), yet will likely have rising sales with their latest $29,900 CLA option. Mercedes for everyone! Willem Dafoe, Rolling Stones and Usher probably won points with some viewers.

And of course, yes, sex still sells apparently. Even though I can appreciate Hardee’s fish sandwich…. I could of cared less for the sexy beach babe, but for the guys, you get the eye candy. So there you go, something for everyone! And ladies, you weren’t left out with Calvin Klein’s seamless technology underwear ad with the perfectly sculpted yummy something young man. Not very creative, but I know at least a few females out there who probably enjoyed the show.

Points for good effort go to Century 21, Oldsmobile, Trident illustration, Sonic, Coke (can you say anti climatic though – Vegas show girls, the mad max mix, westerners and more racing to gain a coke – seriously?), AT&T 4 G with the kids at school (should of come up with something new, like a new conversation with the kids, come on- its the SUPER BOWL!), and my local business friends (I wonder what they spent to run those ads in my region?).

I must say, I am amazed by the money spent on Super Bowl ads. Especially if they are dead on arrival – who pays these sub par ad agencies anyway? I guess if you are spending as much as $4 million per ad spot, there isn’t much left over for production or creativity, so those ad agencies that pull it off – kudos, big kudos.

Speaking of which, I am confused by the GoDaddy kiss and VW ‘Get Happy’ Jamaican speaking white guy ads controversy! GoDaddy just made me extremely uncomfortable  and if the Jamaicans like the VW ad, who are we to judge?

Even though there were some really good 2013 Super Bowl ads, I didn’t see a stellar commercial. One that stood out high above the crowd. One that deserved half of this blog to gush over. Was it just me and my limited East Coast CBS station? Did you catch the ultimate 2013 Super Bowl ad that I missed? If so, Please, do share! And the Oreo viral “You can still dunk in the dark” doesn’t count – although, that was sweet, wasn’t it!

Hopefully this break inspired some creative juices to flow – Now get back to work and show me what you’ve got!