Need to fuel your creativity?

Last month we featured a post by Shannon Scheels about a new LinkedIn Group she was starting to fuel your creativity and based on the wildly popular book, Caffeine for the Creative Mind (250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain) by Stefan Mumaw & Wendy Lee Oldfield.

Well, the LinkedIn group is going strong.  It’s got 360+ members and they’re in the middle of Exercise #4 (below), which does double-duty as a marketing exercise.

If you need inspiration and accountability to fuel your creativity, join the group here.

Here’s Exercise #4:

This is one we can all sink our teeth into! Be silly, funny, crazy OR use this as an opportunity to create a holiday promotion for your services! Remember – this group is just to help fuel YOUR creativity. There are no critiques here unless you specifically ask for it! Just have fun, and put out there whatever you got!

Upload your designs to the group album at:

“I’m New and Improved!” – Page 126

Ad guys spend all day and all night creating ads for various products and services, including headlines, and body copy, graphics and visuals. Photo shoots and illustrations are involved. Someone even chooses the right font…sometimes.

Regardless of the product or service, creating an ad for someone else is easy compared to something a little more personal…say, YOU!

Your task [this week] is to create an ad for you. That’s right, you. You’re the product. Or service. Whichever fits best. Come up with the headline, the body coy, the visual the whole thing. Even the font choice. Sell like you’ve never been sold before. That didn’t come out right…