14 Gorgeous Chocolate Packaging Designs from Around the World

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Ah chocolate. Possibly the tastiest temptation to entice our tastebuds. It’s been around for at least three millennia—much longer than the gorgeous packaging design that accompanies the delicate delight today. September 13th is recognized as National Chocolate Day, celebrating Milton S. Hershey’s birthday. It’s the perfect time to indulge in a little bit of cocoa while savoring some of the best packaging design from around the world (as if you needed an excuse). You may recognize a few of these designs from the HOW Promotion & Marketing Awards or the International Design Awards, but we just couldn’t resist revisiting some of these award-winners. As Charles M. Schulz once said:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

1. Antitetico; Milan, Italy

Client: Cioccolato Fondente

packaging design chocolate

2. Design Army; Washington, D.C.

Client: Harper Macaw Chocolate Makers

packaging design chocolate

“The Political Series for Harper Macaw, a bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer, represents a political party, issue or phrase—from Left Wing to Tea Party to Filibuster—with provocative packaging.”

3. Emma Thibault; Paris, France

Client: Leonidas Chocolate

packaging design chocolate

“Creation of three special Leonidas chocolate bars Africa for 25 to 40 year olds. Resumption of the wax trend by creating African motifs On each packaging, each pattern representing the fruit from the country. Use of fading colors.”

4. Gintare Ribikauskaite; Lithuania

Client: Ach

packaging design chocolate

“Vegan chocolate ‘Ach’ is a Lithuanian brand. A limited edition is launched for Christmas the most beautiful holiday of the year. Enchanting and rich chocolate with almonds and pollen. The main goal of these packages is to convey winter and holiday spirit. This is achieved using gold foil, typographical and graphical elements which takes you into the turmoil of sparkling holidays!”

5. Hopie & Lily Stockman; Los Angeles

Client: MAST Brothers Chocolate

packaging design chocolate

“A love letter to Los Angeles. Celebrating exceptional local ingredients with artwork by sisters, Hopie & Lily Stockman of Block Shop Textiles.”

6. ICONO; Lima, Peru

Client: Maraná Craft Chocolate

packaging design chocolate

“The aim was to convey the Peruvian and artisanal spirit of the products, for which ICONO designed tailor-made illustrations that reflect the popular art of each area of Peru. The scenes depict the development of chocolate (planting, harvesting, grinding) which allow for distinct personalities that highlight the traditions and culture of each place. This differentiation creates special value for the local communities that have contributed to the cultivation of cocoa for hundreds of years.”

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7. Le chocolat des Français; Paris, France

Client: Le chocolat des Français

packaging design chocolate

“Le chocolat des Français” is a new chocolate brand, 100% trendy with its colourful design and 100% authentic; all for the pleasure of your eyes and mouth… Made traditionally in a small village in Ile-de-France, near Paris, Le chocolat des Français offers a selection of delicious chocolate bars that are guaranted 100% pure cocoa butter to savor with your sense.”

8. LOCO Studio; Moscow, Russia

Client: Petit Plaisir

packaging design chocolate

“The sweets come with a paper-based wrapper and a gift wrapper. Communication with a customer is realized through a series of stylized illustrations of confectionaries which are the same as real candies, simple lined patterns and different colour fills are also used.”

9. Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler; Pasadena, CA

Client: Choco Frutas

packaging design chocolate

“The goal was to develop a fun packaging for frozen fruit covered in chocolate for the Costa Rican market.”

10. Meaghan A. Dee; Christiansburg, VA

Client: Meaghan A. Dee

packaging design chocolate

“For the 2016 Holiday Season, I lasercut cards and chocolate packaging that I sent to friends, family, and colleagues. With all the tension of the political year, I wanted to focus on joy (and chocolate).”

11. Michal Slovák; Bratislava, Slovakia

Client: Lyra

packaging design chocolate

“The aim was to rebrand the logo along with creating new packages for the premium products. Simple, playful and extraordinary just like the products themselves and this way distinguishable from the other chocolate. As a result, there are two coated products LYRA BEAN-TO-BAR – 78% DARK BIO and 46% MILK BIO. The new design goes hand in hand with the essence, the taste itself. As the Lyra chocolate flavors are well tuned so do the design of new packages.”

12. One Long House; Los Angeles

“For No Reason Poject-of-the-Year”

packaging design chocolate

13. Rice Creative; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Client: Marou Chocolate

packaging design chocolate

“National Gallery Singapore partnered Rice with Marou Chocolate to create a range of chocolate bars, which would represent both Vietnam and the exceptional architecture of the Gallery. The Gallery is comprised of three distinct spaces: Historic, Modern and Transcendent. We created a set of icons based on these themes. With the spaces identified, Marou were able to conceive 3 flavors that matched them in spirit.”

14. Roberto Espartero; Málaaga, Spain

Client: Milka

packaging design chocolate

“The idea of packaging comes from the plants from which the main ingredients of the new range are obtained. Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon. Three ingredients that combined with other spices get products full of nuances, flavors and intense aroma. The inspiration for the design comes from the leaves of the plants that grow these products.”

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