[Podcast] Common Roadblocks for New Freelancers

ilise-new-thumbIn today’s podcast (the 3rd this week!), you’ll hear my conversation from the end of January with Bryn Mooth, independent journalist and freelance writer focusing on design, wellness and food.

Bryn will be making her speaking debut at CFC 2013 in San Francisco (June 22-24), with What to Expect When You’re Freelancing. (Early bird deadline is this Friday, March 15.)

Her session is perfect for those who are anywhere on the continuum from “I’m thinking about it” to “I’ve made the move but I’m still struggling,” or who are:

  • in the early stages of freelancing
  • still working in house but freelancing on the side (moonlighting)
  • dreaming of making the transition.

Drawing on her experience of 2 years on her own so far, she’ll focus on common roadblocks that come up in first 2 years. “I want to uncover some of the things you’ll invariably run into in the early stages of your freelance career. Things I thought I was prepared for but wasn’t; things I thought I anticipated but hadn’t fully. How to deal with real world headaches and issues and frustrations and also the joys of working for yourself.”

In this podcast, we also talked about:

  • Exactly how she recently “picked up” a couple new clients (“It’s staying in touch on a regular basis. It just takes a while for these things to develop. Patience is the hardest lesson I’m learning as a freelancer.” )
  • How she calms down when she’s feeling busier than she really (“I spend a half hour getting organized and plotting everything out. Then I feel more in control.”)

Listen to our conversation here and find her at BrynMooth.com follow her at @writes4food and check out her recipe blog at www.writes4food.com

Come see and hear her in person at CFC 2013: The Business Conference for the Creatively Self Employed (June 22-24 in San Francisco). Early bird deadline is March 15. And you can get an extra $50 off with promo code “ILISE”