Put down that bone! (or Taming Your Puppy Brain)

Dyana ValentineObsessed about a minor project, client relationship or something that just won’t do what you want it to do like this puppy, Emma?

(If you cannot play the video above, click on this link to watch it on You Tube.)

I can relate to Emma the French Bulldog. Sometimes I wish there was a Cesar Milan for us solopreneurs. Here are a few tips I adapted from Cesar’s methods for rehabilitating dogs and training people in service to training your puppy brain:

Exercise: Work your project  into a good lather every day. Take time to brainstorm, pass your ideas by a peer and let it really run. Don’t worry about being perfect, just get sweaty with it. Limit your time on it so you don’t burn out. Allow time for recovery, just like you would with exercise. Sometimes the best projects come out when you allow space between work times.

Discipline: Seth Godin wrote, “fostering innovation is a discipline. . .” in this piece. Get really clear on why you are chasing this project around. Is there something valuable in the chase? Does it just need to get out the door? You’ve heard tips such as set a time limit for how long you’ll work on something or, make a firm deadline and deliver it that day, or else.

What if I got my instigator’s riding crop out and said, “Forget about the deadline, it’s about the discipline of deciding to deliver it now, not at some carefully constructed point.” Take a look at your top three current projects. Which one of them can you deliver, post, or announce, right now? Go a step further and announce it in the comments below.

Affection: Treat your ideas like you care about them. Gary Vaynerchuk and I spoke at the Idea2Market conference in Atlanta this year and he said something that stuck with me. He commanded us to date our ideas. Romance your project by making sure your time working on it is high-quality time. Set the mood and make your environment a juicy atmosphere. Play music that inspires you. Set up a workspace that really feeds this particular project (even if that isn’t where you normally work). Get yourself in the mood, only you know what that means, and really love on it.

Your projects are not in charge, you are. Find your inner calm assertiveness and be the pack leader of your projects and your business.

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