Ready to conquer the world?

Past attendees have been talking about it here on the blog, and I know new attendees will see it too: CFC is the most supportive community a freelancer could ask for.

This is why designer, Heather Parlato, is coming back. She says:Heather Parlato

I am coming to CFC! Aside from getting really energized about my business, I have really enjoyed the group this conference has attracted, and love the openness that Ilise has facilitated.

I’ve really been able to expand my network of peers who are uniquely designers or directly-related creative types, business owners, and solo-preneurs, who can relate so much better to every front of what I face in my daily operations.

Between us having a lot in common and being encouraged to reach out to each other, this has been one of the most friendly and supportive conferences I’ve ever been to, which makes me feel great about running home and conquering the world. Again. Ha.

I couldn’t agree more. Here’s why I think CFC is essential for creative freelancers:

So won’t you join us in Chicago, June 23-24?
Early bird registration ends this Sunday, May 1

One thought on “Ready to conquer the world?

  1. Beth Goldfarb

    I couldn’t agree more with Heather’s reasons for coming back to CFC and I’ll be there, too!
    Last year at CFC, I announced the launch of my company rebrand — Cause Farm Creative — and I was overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback I received from my creative peers. Ilise does a great job of making CFC a friendly, relaxed environment where everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences and it’s one of the reasons I keep coming back. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones this year in Chicago!