Shake the funk by helping

Luke MysseSometimes, for whatever reason, I find myself in a funk.

Sometimes when things get tough, I get into this whining mood and it really becomes a pity party, table for one. It can happen to the best of us, but how do we find a way out?

The best way for me to shake the funk is to give up on me and focus on someone else. Not that I’m ignoring my problem or somehow admitting that I can’t handle the challenge at hand, but it’s amazing what happens when we focus on others. Helping truly soothes the soul.

How do you shake your funk?

BTW: If you need some inspiration to get out of a funk, check out Luke’s presentations from Creative Freelancer Conferences past.

2 thoughts on “Shake the funk by helping

  1. Crystal Reynolds

    I vent.

    I am in a ‘mood’ and I need someone to commiserate with and basically talk me through my mindset. I cash in on my creative ‘collective’ of freelancers and call one. Someone who ‘gets’ me. Someone who is in the same business of creative freelancing.

    All it takes is the talk to get it all out of my system – talk it out – and then I find I can re-focus. Knowing someone understands is my best medicine.

  2. Alisa Bonsignore

    Maybe this is a female thing, but I feel like so much of what I do is for someone else: I’m getting the kiddo dressed, packing lunch for school, making dinner for the family, scheduling appointments with docs and dentists, coordinating school registration paperwork, taking care of client needs or doing my volunteer meal deliveries. The thing that busts me out of my funk is actually doing something for myself. I run. If I can’t run, I just get out of the office for a change of scenery. If I can’t get out, then I go nuts. 🙂