Underground Designers Unite!

There is a growing underground movement to gather creatives for one night of corporate-free inspiration, to share in ideas and experiments that proceed beyond the boundaries of 9-to-5 client work. The participants are global and the movement is spreading rapidly. This new media revolution is called By Designers For Designers, a Creative Fight Club.

By Designers For Designers, commonly referred to as BD4D, has a simple mission, “To facilitate a corporate-free, creative designer collective that will encourage and inspire new media designers around the world,” and it seems to be working judging from the frequency of events on an international scale. New styles have emerged, friendships have been made, and otherwise nameless new media designers have established themselves as competent contributors to the design community-at-large.

The organization was conceived by co-founder Ryan Carson, in the shower of his parents’ house in Colorado Springs, while visiting home for his sister’s wedding. “I felt there was a major lack of real-life interaction between creatives around the world”, Ryan said in an interview last week while in New York City, “and from what we’ve seen its been a huge success. People walk away feeling liberated and refreshed.” With the help of co-founder Ryan Shelton, the Ryan’s try to attend each BD4D event, but due to time and money the frequency of trips has dwindled. “We’re not in this for money”, said Shelton, “we’re in it to meet new people, and share our love of creativity”.

Each event consists of at least one main presenter with 20 – 30 mins. to explain and demonstrate an original project created specifically for the event. Immediately followed by ten minutes for the presenter to field questions from the audience and provide more in-depth clarification. Following the presenter are a series of Three Minute Madness sessions. 3MM allows creatives to demonstrate their latest work and ideas to the rest of the community. Each participant has five minutes (+/- 2 minutes) to demonstrate their project/work, then five minutes to field questions. This provides a perfect opportunity for lesser known designers to inspire the creative community with their ideas while also receiving exposure for their hard work.

On Oct 4th, Craig Swann and I had the wonderful priviledge of currating BD4D NYC 002, the second BD4D event held in New York City, at the ultra swanky hi-tech tavern The Remote Lounge in SoHo.

The event began with an inspirational presentation from Brenden Dawes showcasing his latest work, a short film documenting his recent trip to New York City for Flash Forward this past July. Brenden was not able to be in attendance for the event so using an Apple iSight and iChat, he made his presentation from the comfort of his home office in Manchester, England. This ode to NYC’s creative community acted as a perfect introduction to the evening’s lineup. Following Brenden was Yberfamous Flash guru Josh Davis who presented his new Vector Video Suite which re-compiles video in halftone format using custom vector assets. Using some home videos he shot with wife and baby daughter, Josh illustrated the vast capabilities of this truly unique tool while the audience watched in wonder.

The evening went on to include 3MM projects from from Evan Mathis, Nemesis Corporation, Ze Frank, Tim Nolan, and UPSO & Prate. Several of the projects can be viewed online at the BD4D NYC 002 website.

For more information about upcoming BD4D events, to participate in a 3MM, or to inquire about curating a BD4D event in your own town visit http://www.bd4d.com.