Wonderlust: Mesmerizing Visual Storytelling


Getty Images recently teamed up with Pantone to take viewers on a journey to quench (or maybe incite) their “wonderlust.”

Noticing a trend of those who yearn to travel or those who simply want to view majestic photos from other travelers, the Wonderlust collaboration included curated gifs that slake this thirst for extra-ordinary sights, from the beautiful to the fantastical.

“Wonderlust is our enduring fascination with the boundless beauty and unpredictability of all life’s mysteries,” said Paul Foster, Senior Director, Creative Content at Getty Images. “There is a desire not just to see and do more, but also to be more. Thanks to today’s technological world of hyper-connectivity, our sense of space and connection to geographical distances has undergone a revolution.”

Inspired by Pantone colors, four artists created compelling Instagram videos using only Getty Images.

The overall objective of this project is to showcase how businesses can use the wonderlust concept to craft their own engaging stories. Getty Images noticed a 30 percent increase in sales for images with keywords similar to the term “wonderlust.” According to their research, here’s why:

  1. Technology is taking us to faraway places
  2. We’re traveling alone
  3. We’re fascinated by science, nature and fantasy

The Visual Storytelling of Wonderlust

Where would you like to go? Take a journey with the videos below to San Francisco and to a London tea party. (Click each Instagram image below to play the videos.)

SF Girl by Bay

Using Getty Images, Victoria Smith takes us on a journey through San Francisco inspired by the following color palette.


Liberty London Girl

We love Sasha Wilkin‘s journey to a London tea party based on this color palette.  



View more travels at the iStock site and on their Instagram.

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