CFC: What did you take away from CFC?

I just got back from the Creative Freelancer Conference and HOW Design Live and have barely had time to go through all my email.

But lots of CFC-ers have already posted photos and their best take-aways on Facebook and the LinkedIn Group.

Jenn de la Fuente of Rosebud Designs posted summaries of her favorite Creative Freelancer Conference speakers and sessions.

Rochelle Weiner of Andiamo Creative posted her Top 15 To Do List here.

Here’s Dyana Valentine’s Flicker set (all 434 photos and counting).

Which were your favorite topics, speakers, ideas, anything that stood out as a highlight for you?

And if you missed it, don’t worry. The mp3s will be available soon. Watch this space….

5 thoughts on “CFC: What did you take away from CFC?

  1. Luke Mysse

    One of the most epic conferences of my life. Loved all the time with everyone, I suspect I will hit the wall around 2:30pm on Thursday but for now this adrenaline fuel will have to sustain.

  2. Ken Smith

    The most important lesson: Being an “artist”, or “artiste”, if you like, is no excuse for neglecting the business side of things: pricing, deadlines, taxes, self-promotion, etc. I plead guilty to all four of those offenses, and the change began Sunday, June 26.

    Even though my part of the conference was over, I came down to the Hyatt Sunday morning and Monday morning to restock my business card holder on the bulletin board by the registration desk. And I’m actually getting back to people whose cards I have!

    I even threw my arms in the air and yelled, “I FAILED!” In public. Very energizing and liberating, even if I did get a few stares 😀

  3. Ilise Benun Post author

    Ken, that is so great! And I fully agree and wish I had been there to hear you yell in public! Keep us posted on how things progress and if you want to blog about it here, let me know.

  4. Dianne Rohkohl

    Loved every minute. Got something from every session. The highlights just off the top of my head are, Luke Mysse has me thinking about making a big juicy goal for myself. Got some great tips on bettering my website from Allen Murabayashi. Gonna play more after listening to Steve Gordon and so want some of Dyana Valentines energy and good vibes! And along the same vein as Ken from the previous post, I was just at the gym and I through my hands up and yelled, “I failed!” much to my trainers surprise. Thank you to all!