Who’s going to CFC? Crystal Reynolds Video interview

At the end of my conversation with Julie Goldsberry about her Operation Refrigerator last week, she asked me if I had been in touch with Crystal Reynolds.

I met Crystal last year at Creative Freelancer Conference but hadn’t heard from her in a while. So I reached out and a whirlwind followed that resulted in this video interview about how far she’s come since last year and what she’s looking forward to at CFC this year.


Since I left Sally’s keynote session at the Chicago HOW conference I 2011, I came home a ‘new woman’. I found my passion and those who know me have commented on the energy I create when I talk about HOW. In fact a printer I work in town here with even asked if this HOW thing is some kind of ‘cult’ because of the intensity of my transformation.

I am a strong believer in if you say you will do something – then you do it. No excuses. So I started pursing a personal creative project that turned from a scrapbook of experiences and wisdom into what will be the Creatives’ Cupboard magazine. Since June I have kept in touch with those people I met weekly via Google + Hangout. As well as connected with speakers interviewing them about HOW and the speaking experience – as well as other attendees’ and what their own experiences were from attending HOW.

I have always been a visual person  and not one who likes to read much but to get the message out I started a blog at www.creativescupboard.com where I have been posting my interviews and local creative connections and stories. There is one video which I summarized what my project is about while I was interviewing Cami Travis-Groves at: http://wp.me/pXFIf-3p

Locally I realized that there are plenty of inspiring creatives in my own back yard. So I began my Creatives’ Lunch monthly get together event. Connecting creatives over a meal. Everyone who has attended has been appreciative of the opportunity to get out of the home office and even the corporate office to connect with other creatives. In fact – these connections have led to collaborating together on client projects for a few so far. These stories can be viewed on my blog site as well at www.creativescupboard.com

Talk about inspiring…this is what’s possible when you get in a room with 600 creative people with an agenda!

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And listen to the speaker podcast interview series with Dyana Valentine, Mark O’Brien of Newfangled.com, Shane Pearlman and Ed Gandia of International Freelancers Academy, Cameron Foote of Creative Business, Alan Murabayashi, and Sarah Durham.