You Will Not Be Alone at CFC

Deidre RienzoLast year was my first Creative Freelancer Conference (in Denver)—and the only person I knew was Ilise.

I was nervous because although I consider myself to be a people-person, I can get nervous in big groups. I pictured a big group of strangers all looking at me—and me, with nobody to talk to. In reality, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The experience was a lot more intimate than I had expected. It allowed me to meet people in increments, and actually have time to talk to them. If you’re a little shy, the early morning net-walking is a great way to start the day. It’s a small group, and everybody is there to meet each other and chat. It made me immediately comfortable.

Throughout the day, we were at small tables meeting new people. Most people were there alone, so they were just like me … It was easy and fun to meet people, and I didn’t feel alone at all. This year, I know quite a few attendees because I met them last year.

If you’re thinking about going, but you’re worried you won’t know anybody—please check out this discussion I just started for newbies on the LinkedIn CFC Group, and/or send me an email and say hello. I’d love to get to know you, so when we get to Chicago, we already know each other!

One thought on “You Will Not Be Alone at CFC

  1. Diane Stewart

    Hi Deidre, looking forward to seeing you again!! Deidre is right… last year was my first CFC as well, and I went alone. Even though it may feel intimidating, you will make friends fast! Besides keeping up with the LinkedIN group, check out the twitter hash tag #CFConf. I was a regular on there last year BEFORE going to the conference. When I got to the kick-off networking event, the evening before the conference, Ilise Benun, and Dyana Valentine, greeted me by first name, because we already had cyber-introductions. They immediately made me feel connected. If you look on twitter now, we’ve already got the discussion going… Who is getting in town on Wednesday, and when. Let’s meet! See you in Chi-town!