Design Links: A Chain of Creative Inspiration, Part 5

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Editor’s Note: This is part five in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week, will feature three artists whose work offers fresh, fun and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the fourth part in the series, featuring Jon Han, Hannah K. Lee, and Sophia Foster-Dimino here.

Sophia Foster-Dimino is inspired by …

Eleni Kalorkoti

She’s a master of design. She uses impeccably finessed flat shapes to create perfectly warm, balanced pieces. Elena’s sense of humor is subtle but great, and she just has a boundless imagination both conceptually and aesthetically. Black and white is her forte, but her color work is incredibly masterful as well. She’s one of those illustrators who I’d love to see design a line of fashion, or a house, or furniture, ceramics, a music video – basically anything. I always look forward to her new work. She’s also very productive with self-initiated projects and zines even as she’s constantly doing work for prime clients. She’s one of my biggest inspirations!

Sorceress - witch zine

I love her zine projects, like this one about various witches …

Computer girls - glitch zine

or this one about glitches. The glitch zine especially, it’s so amazing to see digital errors rendered in ink washes, it’s contradictory but so appealing. She further explored that idea with her blip zine, a great example of her color skills also…


I also love this series on her site entitled “London Drawings,” especially the speculative future architecture with the domed gardens. I look at it often.

Eleni Kalorkoti is inspired by …

Wai Wai Pang

I’ve liked her work for a while but she’s recently worked on a few projects that I’ve especially loved. I think I’m drawn to Wai Wai’s work because it’s so opposite to my own, she’s so free and loose with her drawings while always capturing something very precise within them. She seems to move with such ease between different media and her pictures always feel both playful and profound. I am in awe of her!


This zine that Wai Wai made about a trip to Japan, charmed me so much. She does such a great job of showing the small curiosities of being on holiday (new food/trees/travel tickets) and also the huge disconnected pure wonder you can feel when you’re somewhere strange and far away.

waiwai-set B

I love these colored pencil drawings that Wai’s been making recently. They’re so luminous and free.

Wai Wai Pang is inspired by …

Amanda Baeza

I love Amanda’s approach to making comics. It feels like her work is always evolving, exploring new ideas and ways of expressing them.

ping pong studies 1

I really enjoyed reading about the process behind her No. 14 Sports comic (via this interview), where she talks about how structure and style dictate meaning in her work. I like that her way of creating is to dissect and dissemble all the components.

children reveal what adults hide 2

This beautiful comic made for Comix4= is one of my favorites. It’s visually looser and visceral, perfectly demonstrating her ability to match style with subject matter.

Tune in two weeks from now to see who inspires Amanda Baeza!


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