Design Links: Cubiculo, James Yang & Katherine Streeter


Editor’s Note: This is part 39 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the thirty-eighth part in the series, featuring Yomar Augusto, Marcos Leme & Adriano Motta.

Adriano Motta is inspired by …

Fabio Arruda & Rodrigo Bleque of Cubiculo

Cubiculo (Fabio Arruda and Rodrigo Bleque) is one of the very few design and art direction studios in Rio that manage to keep an authorial approach to their work. They are one of the most influential studios in Brazil, and one of the boldest and inventive.


These images were part of a long-running series of posters and flyers for Moo, a famous party that used to happen in Rio during the late 2000s and early 2010s. They have defined an era in nightlife  culture in Rio, and are collectors items still today.


Cubiculo’s work for the theater also set standards for graphic design in Brazil. Their unique use of imagery interacting with typography, and their developments with unorthodox processes in graphic language, such as mixing drawing with typography, archival imagery with old printing processes, collage with graffiti, is what makes their work promptly recognizable, but never redundant.

We didn’t hear back from Fabio and Rodrigo, so I’m resetting the chain with the fabulous and talented …

James Yang

I follow James on Facebook, and he’s hands-down the funniest person in the room … err.. on the feed. His quips on life—even the dull moments—usually make me giggle. But beyond the humorous posts, is a skilled artist who can spin a concept into visual gold.


James is The Impolite Gentleman, an alter-ego that says exactly what he’s thinking—no filter necessary. He actually says little to nothing, often listening and observing. .. and then, kaboom! He cuts right to the chase and gets the last laugh. The fun, quirky illustrations perfectly capture the moment through simple gestures.


There are times when James will “recycle” images from his archive to comment on recent events. Recently, James posted this illustration to his Facebook feed as a post-election commentary, but it was originally done for Investment News Magazine about Ponzi schemes in U.S. investments (AD: David Stokes).

James Yang is inspired by …

Katherine Streeter

Katherine inspires me because her work does a wonderful job of reflecting her voice and her collages are immediately identifiable has her. Her color pallet and space are sublime and an atheistic I could never copy which is why I’m a big fan.


Her piece about maximizing options for PlanSponsor and SooJin Buzelli catches the essence in a setting and manner I would never imagine in a million years. It’s a catwalk with nature as the theme, but it works for investing. Great illustrators find a way to say something interesting and unexpected about any subject.


Her personal piece about fall resonates. It feels refreshing the way the first cool breeze feels after a humid summer. It also shows how her work has evolved and her sense of color and technique are constantly improving. This piece has a nice ease about it which you only achieve when you really know what you’re doing.

Tune in next time to see who inspires Katherine Streeter!

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