Design Links: Gina Triplett, Martha Rich & Julie Murphy


Editor’s Note: This is part 40 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the thirty-ninth part in the series, featuring Cubiculo, James Yang & Katherine Streeter.

Katherine Streeter is inspired by …

Gina Triplett

She inspires me because of the lines and spaces in her work. I also love the layering; she has a way of making 2D feel like 3D.


This pattern, in particular, makes me imagine that I could go swimming inside of it. I love the vintage colors and timelessness of her dreamy flora subjects. Her images work well on very small scale just as well as they do on large scale, such as this piece which was created as a wall covering. There are not a lot of artists whose work can literally cover your entire wall and still seem fresh day after day. Gina has done many great patterns for other elements of every day life as well, like bedspreads and shower curtains.


Also what inspires me about Gina’s work is that her commercial illustration feels like gallery wall art. She makes things beautiful. Seeing this pair of converse for the first time made me want to wear sneakers as a fashion statement (instead of just at the gym). There is a whimsy that works with sophistication in her art; her creations seem subconscious and effortless, but I know how much thought and planning goes into them. Somehow this magic happens without ever feeling overworked. She is a true artist with great professionalism in her practice.

Gina Triplett is inspired by …

Martha Rich

Martha’s work inspires me because she’s a force of nature that just keeps moving forward. All of her work has a sense of humor and humanity. It’s colorful and always evolving.


I love this installation piece Martha did for the Wieden + Kennedy offices in Portland, Oregon. The speech bubbles are compiled of things she overhears on the streets or random things that come up in conversations with friends. The more time you spend with Martha, the more likely you’ll end up being in her artwork. Bonus!


The Stop Talking kitty is another one of my favorite Martha pieces. This one started off as part of her 100 for 100 series, a project which involved Martha painting 100 paintings for $100, and it turned out to be so popular that she turned it into a T-shirt.

Martha Rich is inspired by …

Julie Murphy

She inspires me because she is funny, kind, outspoken and she sees the world through the best dreamy, weird, mystical lens.


The first project I love is when Julie gave a 20-slide, six minute talk about her “inability to separate my art life with my day-job universe.” It was fast, furious, funny and relatable. Her drawings and doodles done during the endless meetings one must attend while working for corporate America are genius. They are a spot-on commentary on the absurdity of life in an office. She calls it “Cubelandia.”


The second project I love is her imaginary TV shows. It’s too bad she isn’t creating these shows for real. They are quirky, smart and incredibly loony shows that the world needs to see. I mean… Della Danger the Administrative Assistant?!! Come on! So much better than the idiotic dreck that populates our TV these days.

Tune in next time to see who inspires Julie Murphy!


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