Design Links: Yomar Augusto, Marcos Leme & Adriano Motta


Editor’s Note: This is part 38 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the thirty-seventh part in the series, featuring Wes Kline, Katya Reka & Gatis Cirulis.

Gatis is inspired by …

Yomar Augusto

He inspires me with his energy. I met Yomar at the ATypI conference in St. Petersburg, Russia, where he presented a workshop in experimental calligraphy. His personality is very much reflected in his dynamic typographic compositions. Yomar’s Instagram feed is a good dose of type inspiration. He is real.


I like the texture, layering, the depth, the colors. It’s energetic.


Here I like layers of colors, materials, contrast between refined and tangled. I am drawn to the process that is always evident in Yomar’s work.

Yomar Augusto is inspired by …

Marcos Leme

His work is a rare combination between powerful attitudes.


I love this OI KABUM publication/catalogue. This project has some guts that make me want to collect the piece. A “weird/awesome” mix of pure experimental design.


I love this book, such a powerful combination of roughness and sophistication.

Marcos Leme is inspired by …

Adriano Motta, a.k.a. O Divino

Adriano is a renaissance man. He is an artist in its essence, and everything he does has a brutal vitality, a power to shake your deepest hidden feelings and at the same time he is very conceptual and mind driven. He carries his ideas with plenty of sarcasm, irony, and humor, without losing his tenderness and freedom. He has the control over many artistic expressions, crossing a wide range of media and languages from film making to animations, paintings, illustrations, collages, type design, free jazz, sound design, web art, graphic novel, and many more. He is a blast!


This is a synthesis of his mind and soul.

Despite his love for underground ’60s movies, graphic novels/comics, sci-fi, nonsense and creepiness, he has one of the most candid hearts and this series shows how far he can reach blending masterfully dead colors, still-lifes and abstraction

Tune in next time to see who inspires O Divino!

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