Design Links: Raw Color, The Bouroullecs & Sabine Marcelis

Editor’s Note: This is part 19 in Emily Potts’ inspirational series, Design Links. Every other week she features three artists whose work offers fresh, fun, and stimulating creative inspiration. Each artist picks the next link—someone who personally inspires him/her. Check out the eighteenth part in the series, featuring Amy Nicole Schwartz, Keetra Dean Dixon, and Elana Schlenker.

Elana Schlenker is inspired by …

Raw Color

Raw Color’s sophisticated approach to production, material, and color is always breathtaking. I admire their dedication to personal work and ability to transform their interests and sensibility into equally exciting client work.


Their self-initiated Crypotographer project translates words to code and then “prints” the resulting pattern using bleach on fabric. I love how this work combines tactile textiles with technology, creating beautiful end results that belie their complex origins.


For Paper Shades (another self-initiated project), Raw Color created paper from carefully selected planks of wood, then laser cut leaves corresponding to the species of tree from which the paper was derived. I love the meticulousness of this process—it’s a common theme throughout their work—and how carefully they test and retest until they find the most perfect colors.

Christoph Brach from Raw Color is inspired by two firms …

The Bouroullecs

The Bouroullecs create a whole world, starting from a drawing, to product to photography all part of the overall feeling with such nice feeling for tactility.


The Biouvac expo shows the possibility of modularity in an exquisite execution of material, color and structure.


Workbays, are a new object as a reference to flexible rooms, presented in an intriguing visual way that is both practical and easy on the eyes.

Brach is also inspired by …

Sabine Marcelis

The work of Sabine is simple, clever and has a beauty about it. You could call it attractive products that create unique and unexpected experiences.


Her Candy Cubes are beautifully simple and I like how the different material qualities come out.


These glass objects create interesting optical effects through the graphic quality of the colors and reflection. Also, very simple and beautiful.

Tune in next time to see who inspires Sabine Marcelis.