On Brands: Snask


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Contributed by Armin Vit, co-founder of UnderConsideration

Snask. It sounds funny. Say it with me: Snask. It means “candy” in Old Swedish. Aw, cute. It also means “filth.” And “gossip.” Ugh, not so cute. For those contradictorily weird meanings, Magnus Berg and Fredrik Öst chose it as the name of their business when they started their creative agency in 2007 in Stockholm.

From humble, financially challenged beginnings, Snask has grown into a 10-person firm working in branding, film, stop-motion animation, packaging, editorial design, and more, through a range of work that is a true reflection of their name. Not literally; their portfolio is not made up of filthy candy or sweet filth. Rather it’s their ability to instill their projects with a consistent sense of dichotomy by putting ideas, typefaces, colors, and materials that don’t go together in ways that are surprising, fresh, and energetic.


Take for example their labels for a summer series of beers by tiny Pang Pang brewery: They’ve taken the kitschy visual language of “Tiki” and turned it into a sophisticated application of pastel colors on black backgrounds. Swedish summer beer never looked like that before.

Another aspect of their work is their penchant for creating objects, artifacts, letters, and things that add a touch of realism missing from all the vector and pixel-based work we are accustomed to seeing (and creating ourselves). Their solution for an exhibition titled “Attention: Craft” involved casting the word “CRAFT” in copper, marble, porcelain, wood, and stone, because no amount of Photoshop will ever achieve the same effect, and when those letters are brought into design software and paired with type and grids and vectors, the visual richness is inimitable.

It’s this combination of conventional design rigor and offbeat craftsmanship—tinted with the founders’ questionably hilarious sense of humor—that makes the work of Snask so good. Like candy. Or gossip.



Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 12.55.30 PMEverywhere they go, Snask’s Fredrik Ost and Magnus Berg make a couple of enemies and millions of fans. After headlining the biggest conferences around the globe, they’ve become two of the most experienced talkers within design and branding. And now, they want to talk to YOU at HOW Design Live 2016 in Atlanta.

Snask will talk about how to make enemies and gain fans. This means they believe that brands have to stand out as well as stand up for their own beliefs. Being bold and colorful. They will go through a few cases to show how this can be made as well as show how they work with their own brand, something that a lot of creative agencies easily forget.

If you want to hear all about this—and experience the founders’ “questionably hilarious sense of humor” in person—register by Feb. 5th, 2016 for the best price!