Designer Spotlight: The Daily Taps into the Future of Design

The Daily, Interactive DesignThere’s something so new and super-cool happening in the world of design–but shocker-of-shockers–it’s not happening in the webosphere. It’s exploding on the iPad. The Daily, a magazine-meets-newspaper-meets-the most wow-worthy technology, is taking design to some crazy new heights.

Although you can call it an app, The Daily is more like the wildly re-imagined future of news publishing. Launched in February under the helm of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, The Daily is a made-explicitly-for-iPad national news publication featuring original editorial and visual content 365 days a year. Produced by a group of forward-looking, savvy reporters, editors, and rockin’ designers, the project takes the printed word far beyond the typical user experience.

In fact, while many designers are exploring the ins and outs of making a digital version of something printed or an iPad version of a popular website, The Daily designers are in a category all their own — inventing a storytelling experience specifically for the “touch, swipe, and tap” platform. And in the process, they’re whipping up some jaw-to-the-floor awesome illustrations, graphics, and animations too.

“If you think of a website, book, or magazine, people have very definite ideas of what to expect and how they should work,” says The Daily’s executive creative director John Kilpatrick. “So it’s amazingly freeing to work in this new platform — it’s an open slate. And to be clear, this is also what makes it incredibly challenging. For a designer, that’s really exciting.” Keep Reading About The Daily.

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