My Best Work: Stefan Bucher Discusses Monster Making App

The MONSTER MAKER app lets people use their iPhones and iPads to create their own Daily Monsters from a treasure trove of inkblots and Monster parts created exclusively for the app. Not only that, they can have their monsters deliver messages with customizable speech bubbles, pose for photos with their monsters, post the results to Facebook or Twitter, or have them printed on mugs and T-shirts with the new Zazzle button.

My goal is to let everybody have as much fun making monsters on their iPhones and iPads as I do making them on paper. I’ve learned a lot about interface design in the process. One of the challenges working with iOS is to balance lots of fun features with simplicity and elegance, and to keep the whole thing reasonably stable at the same time. It’s an ongoing project. We are forever tweaking. But that’s the great thing about the App Store—users buy the app once, and they get automatic upgrades for free.

Seeing people post their homemade monsters on their Facebook profiles and Twitter feeds is the greatest success for me. I want the app to let more people feel that they can create characters—that they can be artistic even if they can’t draw. I want to see a million monsters bloom!

(See a video demo of the app in action.)

The project
The Daily Monster MONSTER MAKER App
The firm 344 Design, Los Angeles;
The team Stefan G. Bucher, designer/illustrator; Dominik Wei-Fieg, developer
The year 2011

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