Yulia Brodskaya’s Mesmerizing ‘Papergraphics’

Yulia BrodskayaYulia BrodskayaYulia Brodskaya refers to her innovative artwork as “papergraphic.” She uses thin strips of paper to create intricate illustrations full of fluid lines and decorative curls and swirls.

Her projects can be daunting undertakings. “I can create some simple paper work in just a couple of days, but spend several weeks on something very complicated and detailed,” says Brodskaya, 27, who has a master’s degree in graphic communication from the University of Hertfordshire in the U.K.

Her experimentation with paper has brought her both attention and clients. She’s done work for Neiman Marcus, Hermès, Starbucks, Nokia, Target and now the cover of HOW’s July color and typography issue (2011).

Brodskaya notes that, while she’s very happy with the commissions and commercial project work she receives, she wants to continue pushing her creative boundaries. “I’ve got some personal ideas and things that I would like to bring to life, but due to the time-consuming nature of the work, I struggle to find enough time,” she says. “Hopefully, I’ll manage to finish my personal works and surprise people with something new and exiting.” See more work of Brodskaya’s work.

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