“Mutated” Type Design Propels TEDMED

Designing for health care doesn’t have to be, well, sterile. TEDMED, an annual gathering, aims to reshape the future of health and medicine by invigorating the way the industry’s thought leaders think through planting the seeds of innovation.

BacteriumSampleThis Fall, the event took on a bi-coastal approach with activities happening simultaneously in Washington, DC, and San Francisco. To handle the design elements, Alexander Isley Inc. rose to the occasion for the fourth year, in creating a unified look for this sprawling line-up.

“We wanted to try something different this time around as well, and decided that creating a distinctive
style of lettering would be a perfect way to unify the conference events and programs, all of which were centered around the theme of ‘Unlocking Imagination,'” says founder Alexander Isley.

The studio developed a proprietary font dubbed Bacterium in conjunction with type designer Graham Bradley, with characters seemingly mutating. The lettering of this type design morphs into patterns, which were incorporated into furniture, wall coverings, stage projections and dimensional displays.






TedMed7 TedMed5


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