Free Font of the Week: Audrey


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Designer: Cristina Pagnotta

Location: London, UK


Download: Free download: Behance ; Paid for web download:

About the face: It’s Women’s History Month in the U.S., and I wanted to celebrate that with this week’s free font. It was tricky to find a typeface that felt strong but feminine, classic but fresh—that is, until I found Audrey.

Designer Cristina Pagnotta created Audrey as a free for print typeface with three weights: regular, medium and bold. The typeface is a combination of “curvy geometry and straight lines creating contrasty and beautiful letters.” Audrey is easy to read, whether it’s being used for a paragraph or a headline, and also makes for beautiful typographic designs. Now I’ll let the Audrey speak for herself.

What do you think about this typeface? Comment below!

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